Thursday, September 8, 2011

Beartooth Pass

Before entering Yellowstone we stayed in a small town called Red Lodge.  It was very quaint and seemed like a great place to vacation.  We had an phenomenal dinner there and sat outside which made me happy!  Our favorite menu item was the elk.  It was fabulous!

We set out the next morning to enter Yellowstone via  Beartooth Highway.  It was amazing.  I've heard Peter talk about this road for years now and I was excited to finally experience it for myself.  Here is  a picture from the base of the pass.

Pretty mountain flowers.

A little bit higher.  There were places to stop and take pictures at almost every turn in the road.

And as you can see there were lots of turns in the road!


Almost to the top of the pass.  There was a family skiing at the top!  The landscape was beautiful, covered with fields of flowers.  What was most amazing to me what the fact that we were on top of a mountain and there were huge areas of green space.  You could literally put a football field up there.  I always thought of  mountains like you draw them in elementary school--big on the bottom and sharp on top.  Not so here!

The flowers were just beautiful.  So delicate up here in such a harsh environment.

This lake was up at the top of the mountain.  Again, so opposite of how I thought the top of a mountain would be.  

We stopped at this waterfall.  I told Peter to set Stafford down so I could get his picture.  He thought I meant on the railing!!  Slight miscommunication!!  Regardless here is our little man enjoying our first day at Yellowstone.


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