Saturday, May 5, 2012


Each day over the past two weeks I have promised myself I would take more pictures, upload those pictures and post those pictures. So what am I doing now? Posting from my phone.

Two kids is kind of kicking my tail eight now. Granted this week was full of Drs appointments, newborn photos and an airport trip to pick up my parents. And I survived my first week at home which included getting both boys ready for the appointments, pictures and airport. But still! The only time to myself is the late night feedings and I'm not coherent enough to write a sentence-let alone one that is grammatically correct or interesting!

I'm realizing already that baby 2 gets the short end of the picture stick and I hate that! Maybe next week will be different?

I have been using my phone to capture some of our fun so here is a little glimpse into our new life with Littlest.

We've been to the park...practiced climbing (into the sink!!), been swimming with Daddy and Pa, smiled in our sleep, watched for airplanes and perfected our bedhead. What a great week!


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