Thursday, May 10, 2012

18 Month Update

oh my word...I kept putting off publishing this update because I needed to get a picture with the pelican!  So much for that!  Since it is now time for the 21 month update I better publish this and hurry up and write that one!


As usual Mama is WAY late on your update.  I'm sure there will be a little bit of a blur between what you were doing right at 18 months but we'll try to get most of it straight!

We spent 2 and a half months back east during this time.  So almost your whole 15-18 months period was spent playing with your cousins and hanging out with your grandparents.  I know they really enjoyed having you around and your Mama really enjoyed having the help!

You are still in 12-18 month clothes but you were ready to make the switch for sure once you hit 18 months.  As always, things from Gymboree run small for you and Carter's run big.  Thankfully we had just enough to get us through.  You are also in size 4 diapers still.

We had to make a few trips to the Doctor while we were home.  I would tell you we were going to the doctor and you would say "doctor" back to me.  You had an ear infection and a bad cold over Christmas.  Then at the end of the month you had a horrible case of impetigo and Hand Foot Mouth.  Thankfully you got over these before we took our plane ride home.  You especially enjoyed looking at the fish tank at the doctor's office.

While we were home we drove over 3400 miles together.  You were a champ in the car.  We sang songs and you played with books and toys.  We ate a lot of meals at Cracker Barrel.  You would also play with Bear in the back seat.  We finally turned your carseat around on this trip because it got harder for Mama to get you in the car with her big belly!

One of the things we did a lot of while we were at home was reading.  Your favorite books are the Baby Einstein books.  Some of my favorite words you learned were alligator, umbrella, ukelele, porcupine, airplane and yellow.  I also noticed during this time that you would associate words with the other words in the book.  So if I told you we were going to see an octopus at the aquarium you would say owl back to me (the three O words are octopus, orange and owl).

While we were in Tennessee we visited the aquarium and the zoo.  You also entertained the family with your dancing and carried around the girls' play cars and played the music all the time.  You were very interested in the big yellow ball and played a lot with Max.  You ate very well at both houses but had a hard time staying in your high chair.  You also liked to put your empty food bowls on your head and say "hat".

You are/were a great sleeper especially since we were away from home and didn't have a strict routine.  You slept in the pack-n-play and did very well.  You also got to have your first sleepover with your cousins!!

You were already climbing up and down the stairs before we left but you continued to do a good job with this.  You also started learning to like bath time while we were gone which was a big help to Mama once we got back to Washington.  You were a champ on the airplane and did fairly well adjusting to the time change when we got home.  I can't wait to write your update in a few months because you have been learning so much since we got home!

Your Mama & Daddy love you very much!  We were so happy that you got to talk to Daddy on the internet almost everyday while Daddy was gone so he could keep up with your growth and development!  Thankfully the next time I update it will get to include time you spent with him!

Mama & Daddy


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