Thursday, May 10, 2012

"Pa" Comes to Town

The last couple months of my pregnancy I became concerned that I might have the baby too late.  We had already purchased airfare for my parents and I kept imagining greeting them there with a full belly and no baby.  Thankfully the Littlest Guy had other plans and not only did he arrive early but he gave me enough time to recuperate a bit so we could show my parents around town.

We stayed busy this week...probably a little too busy!  Regardless we had a great time and got a lot accomplished!  My Mom did about 17 loads of laundry, my Dad painted our dining room and they both landscaped our front and back yard!

Of course we also visited the Point Defiance Zoo, Pike's Market and hung out with these two adorable boys all week.

Here are a few pictures from their stay!  I'll be posting before and after pictures of the dining room and the landscaping sometime soon.  But I figured everyone else wanted to see the babies and "Pa".  I think after a full week together the Little Guy has finally realized that "Pa" is actually my Dad and not my parents.  For the past few months he has referred to both of them as Pa!


Mom Photographer said...

your family is so sweet! and the newborn is such a cutie :)

Em S said...

What cute little guys! I bet it was a great visit...sounds like they helped out a lot!

Em S said...

Sounds like it was a great visit. Your boys are adorable!

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