Friday, May 25, 2012

Insta-friday Insta-fun!

I can't decide if Instagram is my greatest enemy or new BFF.  I've been taking lots of pictures but they are all with my phone!!  It is nice to be able to catch life moments but next week I really hope to have Insta-photos and my big girl camera photos as well!!

I haven't figured out how to add a fancy "follow me" button but you can find me on Instagram at kybelle18.

We are into art supplies.  And if by 'into' you think I mean "we love to eat them" then you are correct.  I can not wait for the day that we decide to actually use art supplies for the purpose for which they were created.
Also please note the non-matching pajamas.  Balls and trucks.  Two people were involved in this dressing decision, none of which are me.

I let this guy pick out a new toy this week.  He choose this puzzle.  He has carried around the school bus all week.  As you can see from these pajamas (I swear we wear things other than pajamas in this house!) we are very into transportation!
Peter sometimes asks me how I spent my afternoon.  As often as I can....just like this!

You can NEVER have enough pacifiers!

Sometimes when we are in a hurry...aka we have to be somewhere before 10 am....the Little Guy eats his breakfast in the bathroom cupboard.  He thinks it is saves me win!
Most days this week have been a cup of coffee needed days.

We may be living in the Pacific Northwest but we haven't forgotten our southern roots!

LOVE this little man!!

And this one!  Who sadly isn't so little anymore!

Again...the perfect afternoon!

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