Monday, April 23, 2018

Grant's 10 Month Update

Dear Grant,

Happy 10 months!!  

It's been so fun to watch you grow this month!  You have loved having more space to grow and play.  We had some toys arrive in one of our crates and you especially love the Leapfrog  toy that makes music. I love watching you dance to the music! You still aren't crawling so it's easy to set you down to hang out with me while I shower or make dinner.  I am hoping our baby gates will arrive before you start!

One of your other favorite toys is the box of Duplos.  You love to empty them out and put them back in the box. Another favorite thing?  Your crib!!!!  After almost 10 months you are finally getting to sleep in your crib and in your own room.  You may not be thrilled but your Mama and your Daddy are!  I don't think we dreamed we'd be sharing our space for so long....even if you are a super cute roommate!

Your first teeth are poking through!  I always know when you don't feel well because it's the only time you are fussy.  Sure enough after a fussy night I checked and there they were!  

You added Austria and Germany to your "I've Been" list this month.  We took a short trip to Legoland and Garmisch.  You were a trooper hanging out in your stroller all day at Legoland!  It was cold and you didn't complain at all! Thankfully our clothes arrived before we left on this trip so we at least had something warm to wear!

One of my favorite things to do is take you to the grocery store.  Because you aren't mobile yet you just sit in the top part of the cart when we have to run in to get a few things.  I love getting to talk to you and just spend time with you.  That smile of yours just gets me every time!

Kiddo you've done enough in the past month to wear anyone out!  So thankful to watch you pass milestones and to have a little boy with such a happy heart!  You sure have ours!

Mama & Daddy


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