Monday, April 23, 2018

Grant's 9 Month Update

Dear Grant,

It's hard to believe you are 9 months old already!  You've had a crazy month!  But you are always jolly and smiling through anything.  It's so sweet!

You've had a hard time napping as of late and I've had to lay down with you to get you to go to sleep.  We've been in the hotel for almost 6 weeks and I think you are ready to have your own place!

You are still in size 2 diapers and size 6-9 clothes.  We finally moved out of the hotel this month and into our house so you have your own room for the first time!  We went to the pool here in Italy for the first time and you got to wear your little swim cap!  It's so cute!!

Now that we are in our house you can actually take a bath!!  We've had to bathe you in the shower, which has been hard since you just started sitting up!  We got a small shipment of our items and thankfully I remembered to include your high chair and the duck bathtub.  You've loved getting to take a bath and we love getting to buckle you into the highchair instead of feeding you in the Bumbo seat!

At the beginning of the month you had your first ER visit.  Stafford accidentally stepped on your leg and you had a hairline fracture.  You were such a sweet patient and looked adorable in your cast.  You have always kicked your legs and I knew something was wrong when you were only kicking one.  Thankfully Mom and Val were here to help since Daddy was gone!  As soon as you had your cast on I could tell you felt much better!  Within a week you had kicked it off and were all better!

We love you so much dear boy.  You've been such a trooper during this crazy time!  So thankful for your easy going personality.  God certainly knew that you'd be the perfect addition to our family!!

Mama & Daddy


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