Friday, May 21, 2010

Where it all began...

When you actually think about where a story begins, a "life" story that is, it takes you way back. My story didn't exactly begin with me or my parents or their parents or the generations of Roxberrys, Staffords, Thomases or Rosners that came before them. It starts to make you feel kind of small. Quite frankly no one puts it better than John when he said "In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God." Pretty cool. And pretty much takes me down off my "let my tell you about my exciting life in my exciting blog" pedestal and makes me just want to worship.

I thankful though that I do have a story and right now we're just getting to the good part! Personally I think God wrote a best-seller and I'm honored to try to live the life He wants me to live and to honor the call and the things He has placed on my heart.

Today starts a new chapter. My "stay at home wife" chapter. It's not going to be too long...hopefully no longer than 3 months! Baby E will arrive sometime in August and then we'll start the "stay at home mom" and "never get any sleep" chapters. Until then though I'm going to try to live everyday to it's fullest AND get my house clean!

Thanks for reading my "story"....half storybook and half's a good life!

The "official" start for our story.....August 4, 2007


Rachel said...

It's not always gonna be mushy like this is it?!?! :)

Amber Cullum said...

I'm glad you joined the blog world!!!

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