Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Trip to Washington

I have been so out of the loop the past few weeks.  I never know the date (I almost forgot our 4 year anniversary!) and rarely know the day.  All of our days seemed to mash together into one extended day that consisted of continental breakfast, diaper changes in the front seat of the car and scouring the horizon for the next gas station when the fuel ran low.    Our trip was actually way more fun than I made it sound.  Bittersweet, but fun.

We spent a few days in KY and TN visiting our families and then we headed west.  Always west.  Some highlights of our trip included:

*visiting family
*visiting friends in Indiana
*taking Little Guy to the zoo in Chicago and eating deep dish
*Little House on the Prairie (fulfilling my childhood dream to visit)
*Wall Drug
*The Corn Palace
*Mt. Rushmore
*Custer State Park
*Devil's Tower

Here are a few picture highlights from the first part of our trip.  I'll post later about our adventures and everything that has happened since our arrival here in the sunny state of Washington.  Oh wait, I left the sun in the south.

Our last morning in Charleston
Hanging out with cousin Nola

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

Riding the carousel


Amber said...

I am glad you arrived safely and look forward to more details about the trip. I also look forward to hearing about that cute house you found.

Amanda Thomasson said...

sounds like a great trip! glad you are in washington now and getting settled in! if it makes you feel any better, we have had rain for a day and a half and the power was out yesterday for over an hour! so much for sunny skies, ha! i'm actually enjoying it, because it has cooled things off tremendously! can't wait to catch up!

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