Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cocoa Pancakes

I competed my second Whole30 this week and I'm glad to be in the clear for making a few treats!  These pancakes are technically Whole30 compliant however according to their "don't make anything that resembles foods that you love" rule, I only made them once or twice.  I don't eat pancakes generally so I don't feel like it was a problem for me to make them.  Now, if I were making compliant donuts, that would be another issue!

I've posted a version of these before but I like these better because they hold their shape.  If you pretend really hard too you can imagine you are eating strawberries and chocolate.  Haha!

Cocoa Pancakes

2 eggs
1 ripe but not too ripe medium banana
1 Tbsp Cocoa Powder*
1/2 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Vanilla Extract **
shredded coconut***

Mix ingredients in a food processor and make pancakes just like you normally would!  The batter can be tricky so you might have to play around a bit to see how long to cook and how high you want your heat.  I cook on medium/medium/low heat.  If the batter just won't firm up in the pan then add a little more cocoa powder, otherwise you can just end up with brown scrambled eggs!  They still taste good but I think they are more satisfying in pancake form!

I sprinkled mine with sugar-free coconut and strawberries.  Yum!!

* If cocoa isn't your thing you could also make these with almond flour or coconut flour.  I use coconut flour as a substitute for flour and for corn starch often in cooking.  Just a little bit of flour will thicken these up enough to make them more "cake" like.

**Technically Vanilla Extract is also not permitted on Whole30.  I think it's a silly rule and so I used it.  I don't think you can or should do that with most of the rules within the program but that is definitely one of them!

***I buy my coconut in the bulk section of the grocery store.  The coconut sold in the baking aisle has SO much added sugar!!!


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