Monday, August 2, 2010

Ups and Downs....

Newsflash...I'm very preganant.  Each week I keep saying "I haven't felt this pregnant until now" and I guess technically I am more and more pregnant each week rendering that statement true regardless of when it is uttered.  However, this week I am finally REALLY pregnant.

I'm stuck in this strange land of inevitable.  Right now it is inevitable that I am going to be pretty uncomfortable.  It is inevitable that this baby IS coming.  And after he gets here it is inevitable that life is going to change-fast!

Things I'll miss about being pregnant:

  • not feeling super guilty if I have ice cream after lunch...and dinner...and before bed...(just kidding I'm really not that bad, it's more of a couple times a week thing!)
  • those sweet little kicks (I can never get enough!!)
  • the "can I do anything for you?" mindset that everyone seems to have (I realize once the little guy arrives he gets ALL the attention!!)
  • sleeping through the night (IF you can count getting up to go to the bathroom 18 times "sleeping through the night")
Things I will NOT miss about being pregnant:

  • the wardrobe (don't get me wrong...I'm super thankful to be pregnant in the summer when I don't have to be dealing wtih shoes but I am recycling in and out of the same clothes at an alarming rate)
  • my swollen hands, face & ankles (seriously people, I tried to wear slip on sandals this morning and couldn't get them on....ridiculous!!!)
  • the psycho comments I received....and often (pregnant ladies do not want to hear that they are huge, look ready to pop, might have dropped, are going to have an enormous baby etc....if you didn't know this before learn it now!!)
  • advice about being pregnant & what I'll need to do after giving birth (although I know that will just change to "how to raise your baby advice" so I might as well take that one out)

All in all I feel like that isn't too much to miss either way.  I have had a very easy and comfortable pregnancy up until the last month or so when my ankles decided to take on a mind and shape of their own.  I am very thankful for the time to slow down, get the nursery ready, spend time with family and friends and mostly just appreciate the gift of a new life!  I can't wait to share this new little guy with you too!!


Amber said...

Girl, I remember the swollen ankles. That was the worst part for me. I agree the last month to six weeks were rough.

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness, you are too funny! I love the fervor in your optimism. Always looking at the bright side =) Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of complainers, but I think we get to take the cake with these record high temps at the extra-big belly phase.
I'm definitely getting sad that I won't get to see newborn Baby E... Maybe someday soon ;)

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