Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Thanksgiving 2009

Life changes.  That is one of the only things that never changes!  We just got back from a wonderful week of fun with both of our families.  We had lots of car time and lots of time to reflect on the many changes that  have occurred in our lives since last year at this time.

Last year at Thanksgiving we were giving thanks and trusting that life was going to work out.  I wanted to be pregnant so badly and Peter wanted to fly.  Actually at that point Peter just wanted a job.  We had just received the news that the AF wanted to "medically retire" Peter, basically kicking him out and leaving him jobless.  We had been trying for a few months to get pregnant and weren't sure whether to stop until we knew more about his job or keep going.  It was a frustrating time and a little scary. 

As I sit here still in Charleston a year later I am amazed at what a crazy ride the last year has been!  Little did we know that little Stafford was on the way!  We found out in December that we were going to have a baby!  In February we traveled to San Antonio to fight for Peter's job.  He was granted permission to stay in the Air  Force and  we then began a 6 month wait to see if he would be able to fly.  During the first week of August we found out that Peter would be able to fly, celebrated our 3rd anniversary and welcomed sweet Stafford into our little family!!  What blessings! 

We've learned to praise God in the storms and in the sunshine.  I am looking forward to another year of giving thanks!!  It's going to be a new adventure as we move across the country and start fresh but I can't wait to see what this year holds for us!!

Thanksgiving 2010


Amber said...

It is hard to believe how much life can and does change in a year. I remember sitting in Starbucks last Thanksgiving waiting for you and Peter to arrive. It was so nice to see you. I also remember discussing the difficulty you had with getting pregnant and now we have little Stafford to celebrate. I know Seattle will be a huge change, but everyone there will love you.

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