Monday, November 8, 2010

Stafford is 3 months!

Dear Stafford,

You are now three months old.  Just like I will say every month....I can't believe it!  You are getting so big so fast and I just want time to stand still for a bit so I can enjoy how wonderful it is to be your Mama.

You are doing a great job sleeping!  Last night you slept for 10 hours!  It is a little hard to get you to go to bed at a specific time at night but once we put you to bed we usually have to come only once or twice to give you your pacifier and you will go to sleep.  Your napping schedule is a little more elusive.  You are very content and alert when awake and sometimes will not nap at all between feedings.  You still aren't fussy at all and pretty much smile and coo all the time.

I am sitting here listening to you play upstairs in your bed.  You wake up SO happy in the mornings.  Daddy still changes your first diaper and you are SO excited every time!!  You coo and talk to him the whole time.  We just switched you to size 2 diapers this week.  You are still wearing your 0-3 months clothes.  Thankfully Aunt Katherine gave us some warm ones to borrow because it is chilly in Charleston right now.

This past months you had a lot of firsts!  You had your first babysitter while Mama and Daddy had a date night.  We took you to the fair and you rode your first Ferris wheel.  You went on your first vacation to the mountains.  You are starting to notice your hands a lot more now.  You are grabbing for things and you still love to play in your gym in the morning.  A couple of mornings we have gone in and found that you have turned 180 degrees in your sleep!  You are a little wiggle worm!!

We love you so very much.  Somehow it is more and more each day!  I can't wait to see what the next month brings for us but boy I hope it goes slow!

Mama & Daddy


AurieGood said...

Hi! I hopped over from i fellowship :) your son is adorable - i really love the Halloween pics of the Super Family! Blessings to you!

Austin said...

He is so talkative!! I nearly cried when you said "I love you" and he squealed back! So so so cute!

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