Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Story So Funny... just might split your pants.  And if it doesn't you'll get a good laugh about one of the times I split mine.

One of the times?  Oh yes.  One of the times.  Because I can remember at least 5 times in my life that I have split a pair of pants.  Well, one time it was a skirt.  A suede skirt.  A peach suede skirt.  And I was at a funeral.  It was awesome.

My reference to suede ages me a bit and most of my pants splitting experiences did take place in late 90s.  Very late 90s.  I split a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans twice.  They replaced the first pair and the second pair did the same thing.  Either I don't know how to wear jeans or I was paying way too much for what I got.  The third time I split my jeans was in a bowling alley.  In the middle of my turn. It was not embarrassing at all.  Promise.

This leaves me with the best pants-splitting experience.  Why?  Well for starters they were black velvet pants.  Yes you read that right.  Black velvet.

My senior year in high school I had a favorite outfit.  It consisted of black velvet pants, a black velvet shirt and a dressy, tight, red, plaid vest with gold buttons and velvet faux pockets.  Yes, you read that right as well.  I was super, super cool.

For some reason when I wore that outfit I felt like I could conquer the world.  I wasn't a popular kid in high school.  I had a lot of friends but I was not in the "in" crowd.  But this outfit made me feel like the coolest girl in school.  Ha ha this just makes me laugh out loud typing it because it is so dang funny!

So....I was a little late to school this day and I was hurrying through the parking lot.  I drove a hand-me-down 1985 Honda Accord that I just loved.  I got out of the car, grabbed my black purse and headed inside.  As I was walking through the parking lot I dropped my keys.  I leaned over to pick them up and heard a sound that could only mean one thing.  Those pants had ripped from top to bottom.

I remember turning around and heading home because literally my whole rear end was hanging out of these pants.  I guess I changed and eventually went back to school.  I also remember being VERY thankful I was late that day.  Can you imagine the humiliation of this during the morning rush?

Sadly I don't think any pictures exist of this amazing outfit.  I plan to look for some when I visit my parents for the holidays.  But I googled a few combinations of red, plaid and velvet and came up with nothing.  Clearly no one else wants to be remembered in their red plaid and black velvet outfit either.

I'll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from high school instead and you can just imagine I have on "the" outfit.  I'm second from the left!  When I look at this picture I realize how much I've changed in the years following high school.  In my head I kind of look like this still....but in the mirror I don't!

I'm off to look for pictures of that outfit....


The Life Of Faith said...

Haha that is pretty funny. I think we all have those embarrassing high school moments:) Following you back!

alison said...

i.must.see.that.outfit! in my head, it is chock full of high school aswesomeness :) and don't think for ONE second that i'll be posting any pics of some of my oh-so-fashionable wardrobe choiced from high school! probably wouldn't be too bad because all i really ever wore were t-shirts and jeans. but my hair? oh my hair was a completely different story!

Jelli said...

Gosh Laura, that's funny. What I want to know is how you explained arriving late to school after you went home to change. Found you from the Naptime Reviews hop. Have a great day.

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