Thursday, January 2, 2014

My Hot (but hopefully not too hot) New Gadget!

As a busy Mom I am all for anything that makes my life with littles easier.  I was SO excited to be selected to try out this Braun thermometer.  Lately my three year old is into "being sick".  I'm sick Mama he will say and then he thinks he needs medicine.  Sigh.  I'm certainly glad he isn't sick as much as he claims to be but when I need to check it out this little gadget has come in super handy!!

This is a forehead scanning thermometer and for very little children that is wonderful.  There is nothing worse than knowing your child is feverish and having to wake them up from sleep to try to determine their temperature.  Ok I am sure there are worse things...but temperature taking wise that is the worst! I always hate trying to leave the thermometer under their arm for a certain amount of time and the not knowing for sure if it is totally accurate.  They get wiggly and I usually have to undress them part way to get the thermometer in between the layers of clothes!

This thermometer is so easy to scan I can do it while they are asleep.  I can also see it in the dark because of the lighted screen!  The numbers are big enough that my 3 year old can tell me what his temperature is....thus dispelling the myth that he is actually "sick".  

If you are a new Mama put this on your registry.  If you have littles splurge and purchase!  It's a pricier item but the convenience totally pays off!!


Thanks to Influenster for letting me test out this great product.  I did receive a thermometer but all opinions are my own!


Boo said...

We love our thermal thermometers.

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