Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Pepperoncini Crockpot Roast

Well I never thought a bottle of peppers would be life changing but after tonight I think they might be.  I'm not a pepper person or a crockpot girl.  I've tried.  Really I have.  But mostly I find crockpot meals to be dry and peppers to be unpalatable.

Enter Crockpot Pepperoncini Roast.

My foodie friend Allison sent over this recipe the other day and since I love and trust her I decided to give it a go.  As usual with any recipe I do or share here it is easy and delicious.

London Broil or Chuck Roast
16 oz jar of pepperoncini
garlic or garlic powder
(Allison added these but I forgot...I will definitely add next time because onions make everything better in my opinion)

Put it in the crockpot.  Cook it on low all day.

Yep that's it!

Yum.  Seriously yum.  I served it on rustic bread with mozzarella cheese (because I didn't have any swiss) and some of the pepperoncini that were left in the crockpot.  It was spicy and delicious and didn't even HINT of dry.  Amazing!!  I'm basically sitting here trying not to go into the kitchen to eat the leftovers!!

So....after trying it once with success I'm willing to try again.

What is YOUR favorite crockpot meal???


Amanda Thomasson said...

mmm...becky made this for us last summer when she stayed with us and served it as a sandwich-- I had forgotten about it until now! it was SO good! did your boys eat it? too spicy?

Anonymous said...

Do you use the entire jar (including juice abd stems)?

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