Friday, March 21, 2014

Celebrating Our Baby Girl!!

One of the ways I have continually seen the Lord's provision in my life is through friendships.  In Charleston he blessed me with THE most amazing friends.  We are all scattered throughout the country now but still keep in touch.  It's been amazingly fun to see them change in the last TEN years!!!  We've been through so many things together and the hardest thing about leaving Charleston two and a half years ago was leaving those friendships.  The comfort.  The stability.  The unconditional love.  They were and are a true picture of what friendship should be!

As you know when we arrived here Peter had a 6 month deployment immediately.  We barely had time to learn directions to the nearest grocery store let alone find and establish good friends.  Thankfully the Lord sent a couple of dear Charleston friends ahead of us who really helped me get through that lonely six months.

I rarely say this but IF ONLY I had known that a treasure trove of sweet ladies was waiting for me literally blocks from my house.

When Peter returned we started the search for a church.  Around the time we were here for a year we finally settled on one that is literally 4 blocks from our house.  And there waiting for me were more fabulous kindred spirits.  They are already so dear to me after such a short time.  And clearly they love me too!!

My Mom & Aunt came to visit in February and when my dear friend Mica came out she planned a shower for our sweet baby girl so that they could attend.  This was so special to me!!  And let me tell you....these girls should be professional party planners.  It was the cutest....prettiest...most special day ever!

Like the awesome photographer that I am I brought my camera and proceeded to leave it in it's case the entire time. Thank to my Mom & Aunt's new obsession with their iphones however I have a few shots of the special day!

 My friends know that naming this little bundle has been quite the feat.  Um yeah a month later we still don't have one.  They planned games where everyone gave name suggestions and then we got to take them all home.  It was so fun reading through everyone's ideas!!

I have to admit I mourned a little when I started going into stores and the baby boy clothes are too small for anyone in our family.  And then I had my shower.  And opened outfit after outfit of THE cutest little outfits ever.  I think I'll be ok.

Just a shot of everyone.  You can see some of the cute pink & green decor

Two of the hosts, Mica & Kristen and my dear dear friends!!!!  So blessed to have them in my life!!!

My Mom!

Are these not the cutest decorations ever?  And the onesies & tutu?  Made by my friends Kristen & Erin!!  I can not WAIT to get this girl into those outfits!!!!!

Amd let's talk about this wonderful food!!  Their theme was "ready to pop".  Everything was pink and green.  There was a popcorn bar....cake pops....strawberry/kiwi kabobs....rice krispie treat pops.  It was all pink and green and it was all delicious!!

More decor and my dear friend Mica!!  

My Mom & My Aunt.  So thrilled they could share this special day!!

My friends literally showered us with special gifts for our little girl.  It was so fun just spending time with these special people that the Lord has given us here in Tacoma.  Our time here is limited but I know the friends I have made here will be friends for life!!!!


Susi said...

Laura, I just found you through your post on Things I Can't Say and just wanted to say hi. Looks like you had a fun baby shower and your little girl will be wearing some super cute outfits! My little sister is about to have her second girl any day now and we are waiting with bated breath on some news. She's all the way in Germany and it's hard being so far away! My best friend lives in KY and I always love to "meet" people that live there... :)

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