Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cleaning and Organization Update

Just a little update on my organization.  I hit the downstairs hard the last two days and only have a few more spaces to finish and will be done!!!  I am so happy with my progress!

This is our build-in.  It is right by the back door (hence the funny lighting in the picture).  It is kind of a catch-all.  It is mostly filled with kitchen items I use very occasionally, craft supplies and paper products.

Here is the before

As you can see it was a mess!!

I should've taken this picture with the doors open but here is the after.  The top part is filled now with Stafford's Melissa & Doug toys and games that have lots of little pieces.  These are "special" toys that we get out when Reed is occupied or asleep.  on the second shelf are two bins filled with craft supplies.  There are a few more craft supplies on the bottom shelf.

The drawers have paper products in the bottom two, craft supplies in the next two and the top drawer is empty!!!!  Threw away so much JUNK from this area!!  Our washer and dryer are directly across from this so I also cleaned off both of them.

 This is our sunroom.  The boys use this as a playroom now.  If you are standing at our dining room table this is the left of the room.  Behind the little couch is a small bin with drawers I purchased at Target.  It keeps smaller toys, trains etc.  There is also a basket with larger toys.

Here is the right side of the room.  Train table!!  This gets so much use in our house!!  Hard to tell how big the room is but the rug is probably a 3x4.

Organized the boys books and put into these baskets.  There used to be a pretty piece of antique furniture here with a pitcher on top but I feared for it's longevity so it now lives in the basement until we have a bigger house and less rowdy boys.  I've heard it is better for kids to have books in baskets because they can get to them better so that is where we keep all of ours.  Minutes after this Reed emptied both on the floor and started reading.  Yay for the reading.  Not so much for the mess.

Another area of books.  The large books that won't fit in the basket are on the bottom shelf.  Then to the left another basket on top of Bear's cage.

And this is Reed listening to "I Like to Move it Move it" over and over while I cleaned.  I just moved him up into his 2T clothes this week and I'm in a little bit of denial!!!!  He is only my baby for a couple more weeks!!!!!

Hopefully will have additional progress to report soon!!!!


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