Saturday, July 23, 2011

Moving Update

No exciting pictures, recipes or stories today.  Just a quick update as we continue our journey to the Pacific Northwest.  We've been fortunate as the Lord has answered many of our prayers in the last few weeks.

*We had wonderful time with our Charleston family before we left
*We sold Peter's car even thought it wasn't for sale
*We have wonderful renters for our home and they even wanted to buy our couches that were for sale
*We found a place for Bear to stay (he will fly out to meet us when we have a home)
*Peter's Dad had quadruple by-pass surgery and we were able to be there to see him doing wonderfully in the hospital afterward
*We got to celebrate sweet Stafford's birthday with both families
*We have had countless friends inquire about our travels and pray for us!

Now a few prayer requests....

*To find a place to live in Washington
*To meet new friends
*To find new doctors, dentists, etc
*That Peter will have some time at home before having go on a long assignment (not sure the schedule or time frame for these types of things yet)
*For a wonderful church home
*For a safe, fun and enjoyable trip as we travel the rest of the way
*That we won't be so homesick

I've had a harder time than I thought I would with this transition.  I admit I am scared of the unknown.  Charleston has been home to me for 7 years and it was so hard to leave.  I love my dear friends there and they have been such a support to me during hard times in the last few years. 

I know God will answer all of these prayers in His way and His time.  Thank you to all my dear friends who are continually lifting us up in prayer!!  We really appreciate it!!


Amber said...

Praying for you girl!

Blair said...

I almost cried for you reading this post. It is so hard to leave so many great things in Charleston, but I trust that God will reward you even more in Seattle! I'm glad things have worked out so well thus far and will ne praying for the rest of your journey and your time in Washington. Hope to see you soon!!

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