Friday, July 1, 2011

2nd Quarter Top Five Photos

Click it Up a Notch

Once again Amber's Articles, ClickItUpANotch and Naptime Momtog are hosting the Quarterly Top Five photo extravaganza!  You don't have to be an awesome photographer to enter!  You just have to love to take pictures and show them off!  Here are my favorite pictures of the Little Guy from the past 3 months.

I love this sweet smile.  This little boy is SUCH a smiley baby.  I rarely catch him with a frown and he loves the camera.  His latest trick is pulling up and playing in the kitchen island cabinets.  

I took this a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to make sure I got a picture of Little Guy in his flight jacket.  It has a sweet story to go along with it.  He has the pelican in this one because that is the mascot for Daddy's flying squadron.

Bear and the Little Guy are super good friends!  I love this picture because they are just both looking at each other and can't figure out how to get to the other.  

This picture is from the first day that Little Guy learned how to pull himself up in his crib.  I went in after a nap and he was standing there looking at me.  I love the so happy to see you look on his face and his wild naptime hair!

I can't get over these awesome pants.  Little Guy definitely knows how to rock the seersucker.  These pants are from Mimi.....she has great taste!

Make sure you link up your Top 5 photos too!!


Anonymous said...

Awww. So adorable! I love these!! Great photos. That one in the crib is sooo cute.

Karin said...

Stafford has such a sweet smile, and he seems to be "on" with it in every picture you take of him.

alison said...

i love the flight jacket story! and that picture is too cute :) i have a pic of hannah from a few halloweens ago where she was dressed in a flight suit with her grandfather's patches sewn onto it. he was air force too! and the one of stafford and the dog at the door made me smile!

Allison Hoffman said...

soo cute! it's always so surprising and exciting the first time you walk into them standing up!

Amber said...

He is just too cute and I agree........he has a wonderful smile.

It will be that smile that will make many of your first days on the West Coast BRIGHT!!!

Cedar said...

Adorable photos! I love the happy face and adorable naptime hair! Sweet!

Courtney said...

He keeps getting cuter and cuter!! I love the one of his little flight jacket! Too cute! And the one of him every so proud of himself standing in his crib is perfect! I'm glad you had your camera new by to capture that moment :O) You are right, he sure does know how to rock the seersucker!! I love watching him grow! Thanks for linking up with us!

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