Monday, December 19, 2011

Miscenllany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

1. Missing

There's another M for your Monday!  Seems like I've been missing from the blogging world forever.  I really Miss blogging and don't plan to be Missing forever!!

2. Skype

God bless the creator of Skype.  He/she/they are truly my hero this Christmas.  We've been spending lots of time apart this year because of work related travel as well as time away from family because of a cross-country move.  I love Skype.  I. LOVE. Skype (those of you who know me know that I don't lover the over-used "period after everything trend" so you KNOW that I love skype if I am doing that!!)

3. Hmm-hmm

We've been working on saying "thank-you" in our house for a couple of months.  The Little Guy seems to have caught on and sometimes will even spontaneously say "thank you" without being prompted by myself or others.  Sometimes though he just makes the intonation.  It's hard to write about how it sounds but basically he doesn't say anything he just makes a noise that sounds like "hmm-hmm" but you can totally tell it is "thank you".  He is a funny little guy!!

4. Wonder-words

The pastor at the church I attended this morning talked about a lot of words we use to describe the Christmas season.  I've always loved the word "awesome".  Not in an over-used 80s kind of way but in the real sense of the word.  If something is AWEsome it means it inspires awe in you.  How great is that?  This about WONDERful and AWEsome in that sense as you approach Christmas.  I hope it will really be a time that is "full of wonder" for me and those around me.  I pray that our sweet song will someday be AWEstruck at the Grace of the Gospel!

5. Can't help but end with a picture of the Little Guy!!


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