Sunday, December 18, 2011

15 Month Update

Dear Stafford,

In the time between your 1st birthday and the 15 month mark our lives became increasingly busy!  Mama decided that updating every 3 months is the way to go from now on!  I was happy to get your sweet picture this month because you are such a busy boy!

Hopefully I won't confuse your milestones again because I am again over 6 weeks late in updating this!  I promise I'm going to do better.

You are not really our Little Guy anymore!  At your 15 month appointment you weighed 25 pounds!  In 6 months you went up from the 12ish percentile to the 62nd!  You have a cute little belly and chunky thighs.  You are finally starting to be right on par for your clothes and I think you'll even grow out of your 12-18 month size a little early!  You are wearing size 4 diapers and size 4 shoes. 

You took your first steps during the month of August and you have become an expert walking, runner and climber!  You love to go "up" and we hear that and "dada" the most around our house.  You are a talker but you don't just chatter to yourself.  You tend to say something if you want to be heard.  Definitely more like Daddy than Mama!  You know a lot of words!!  My favorite thing you do though is the noise that the cow makes.  You say "boo" with gusto!  You also use the word please correctly all the time.  We are working on teaching you that you don't just get what you want when you say please.  It is hard though because that "peeease" is so sweet!

You love to climb.  We have a new loveseat that isn't very tall and you are able to get up there by yourself.  You love to climb up there and sit.  Sometimes in the morning I will give you some cheerios and milk and you will sit there and eat while I finish my breakfast.  You are also an expert at the stairs going up and down. 

You like to get into the lazy susan in the kitchen and one day Mama found you surrounded by an opened bag of chocolate chips, eating them one by one!  You also know how to say "uh oh" and I often hear you throwing stuffed animals or pacifiers out of your crib after your nap, punctuated by "uh oh".  You are obsessed with brushing your teeth and would do it all day if I let you.

One of our favorite things to do is go to the zoo.  I ask you to wave "hi" to the animals and that is how I know if you have seen them or not.  You love it when I let you our of your stroller and we often go late in the afternoon when no one else is there.  You seem to like the monkeys and the tiger and you do not like the puffins!

You watch one DVD called Curious Buddies.  It is a Nickelodeon DVD and you want to watch it all day long.  If I leave out the remote you will pick it up and point it toward the tv and say "please".  You will sit still for 30-40 minutes watching this cute little show!  I especially love when the song "I love you" comes on because you almost always come to sit with me when it is on.

Some of your favorite toys right now are books (Puppies Count, The Wheels on the Bus and the Baby Einstein Letter Books) balls, and anything you can find with a cow on it.  You still like to "body slam" pillows and wrestle with your duck bath tub.  You are also really into putting anything you can around the back of your neck.  Sometimes I find things that you have accidentally dropped into the back of your onesie!

You take 2 naps most days.  Usually from 10-12 and then from 2:30-4:30.  This has been wonderful for Mama because a couple of weeks after your first birthday we found out you were going to be a big brother!  Mama has been tired and you are a big help to her because you are such a good sleeper.

Daddy has been gone a lot with work and you have been an expert Skyper.  You also have a picture of Daddy from a few years ago that you often carry around the house and say "Dada" to.  I think Daddy likes that!

We love you Stafford.  Mama could write a book about all the cute things you do and say.  You are such a sweet and gentle little boy.  You give wonderful hugs and kisses and you are a good listener.  I love reading to you and cuddling with you while you watch your show.  I love how much your love your Dada.  I can't wait to continue to watch you grow!

Mama & Daddy


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