Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Chitter Chatter

I keep telling myself I am going to write down all of the words this sweet boy is saying.  So here is a little summary of his language acquisition so far.

We started out trying to teach him baby signs.  I don't know if we weren't consistent enough or if he just wasn't interested but he didn't want to do them at all.  On our trip out here he starting saying Dada pretty consistently.  He also starting waving to us from the back seat of the car.  One day when we were eating breakfast I started working with him on the sign for please.  He decided that he would rather say please.  So we started practicing and he quickly learned how to say please and uses it in the correct concept.

After please he added Mama and up to his vocabulary.  He uses up when hwants to be picked up or when we are going up the stairs.  Recently he also says up when he wants me to put him down so I've been trying to teach him down as well.

We have a Nickelodeon video called "Curious Buddies" that the Little Guy loves to watch.  One day I noticed that when the cows come on the video he was making a noise.  The next time we watched he did it again.  So I started asking him what noise the cow makes.  He very confidently replies....Boo!!  He will also sometimes tell you that the tiger says "roar" but it is not very ferocious!

He also says, apple, airplane, cracker, uh-oh, all done, yellow, bye bye, hi, more, teeth, milk and something that sounds like ball or bear.  We read his letter book everyday and after I say each word he often tries to imitate the word.  He also says "boo" everytime he sees a cow or anything that looks like a cow.  He has been able to recognize the cow on his pajamas and in other books.

I'll try to get the videos of "what does the cow say" up soon!


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