Sunday, November 20, 2011

Pregnancy Update

This is not a picture of me now.  It is actually a picture from week 19 when I was pregnant with the Little Guy.  I'm hoping to get a picture in the next week or so and then I can put them up together so I can compare pregnancy 1 and pregnancy 2.

Here are a few of my stats from pregnancy 2.  I wasn't great at remembering these things for my first pregnancy so I wanted to be better this time around.  Clearly I'm not doing a great job since I don't even have a current belly shot!!

17 Weeks 2 Days

Weight Gain: 1-2 pounds (I couldn't remember where I started when I went in the first time!)

Sleeping: as often as I can!  This pregnancy has wiped me out.  Thankfully my little one is a good sleeper.  He takes two good naps each day and sleeps a solid 12 hours at night.  I nap at least once with him and sometimes twice.  I swear running around after him all day wears me out and it has probably kept me in better shape this time around!

Craving....fruit and donuts!  I'm indulging one of these!  I gained WAY too much weight last time around so I'm trying to be really careful this time.  I don't NEED the fruit like I needed OJ with my first pregnancy (some of you readers will remember my obsession with the orange stuff) but I want it all the time.  I especially like fruity carbonated drinks.  I've found a 2-calorie drink out here that I love!  I also sometimes mix OJ with carbonated water to get my fix.  I do not want anything to do with meat.  It all sounds gross to me, especially burgers which are usually my favorite!!

Other Symptoms....carpal tunnel!  I don't have it as bad as some of my other expecting friends but I wake up often with no feeling in either hand.  I know I can't sleep on my back much longer and then I'm afraid of what will happen once I have to sleep on my sides!!  I've also had heartburn a lot more this pregnancy.  I had it last time but not until I was about 33ish weeks.

Baby....I'm just starting to be able to feel those sweet little baby swishy feelings.  I love it!  I can't wait until the Little Guy can feel them too!

Other random things....we find out the gender of this sweet baby on December 13th!  I can't wait!!  My sweet husband is not the name enthusiast like myself so he insists that we can't discuss names until we only have 1 to narrow down!  It's going to be hard either way!

So far I haven't had to wear any maternity clothes.  I do think running after the Little Guy has helped keep the weight off.  I was SO nervous when I was pregnant the first time to do anything remotely physical because I was afraid of a miscarriage or something happening.  I don't have any choice but to run after this little man and he is a busy guy!  We've been filling up our day with zoo visits and walks to the grocery store!

Here is the 19 week shot from last time.  I'll try to get a comparison shot up soon!


Debbie said...

Laura, so happy for you, Peter and Stafford. He is the sweetest little boy and just adorable. Glad you are feeling well and looking great. Blessings to this newest addition to your family.

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