Sunday, November 27, 2011

Holiday Traditions

Do you have fun holiday traditions that you enjoy?  Every year it seems harder and harder to hold on to some of the traditions we enjoyed.  Being happily married equals two wonderful families that want to spend as much time as possible together and that presents road blocks to celebrating the holidays exactly like we did growing up.

I had a pastor preach a sermon once on the importance of establishing traditions in your own home.  Eventually my child(ren) will be grown up to start remembering how we did things and I want to have some special memories for them.

So I'm wondering....what are some of your holiday traditions?  What are things that you did in your own home growing up that you plan to continue?  What are some new ideas that you are just dying to try?

I'm especially interested in ideas about teaching the true meaning of Christmas to my children.  We aren't an "anti-santa" home but we definitely want the focus of the season to be on Christ and His coming to earth.  Next year (because I think the Little Guy is still a little bit little) we'll definitely be adding in a fun advent activity to lead up to Christmas.  I just don't know what it will be!!

So give me all your best ideas!!!  I'll try to post some that I find as well!


Boo said...

I don't know how unique these are. But growing up we always got new pjs every christmas eve and an ornament. Now that we have Max we have started those traditions. We have matching pjs for the whole family actually and we decided he'll get a moose ornament every year just like I get a barbie ornament each year. To the point I could probably decorate an entire tree with just barbie ornaments

Julia Levin-Rector said...

I saw this advent idea and thought it might work this year too :)

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