Sunday, November 20, 2011

There's a Reason for Those....

I'm certainly not a super experienced Mom.  But I'll tell you what, there is one baby item that I absolutely can not  live without.  It's not really a normal item and it might not be a universally applicable "can't live without" item.  But after today it is totally elevated to my number one time saver for new and old Mamas.

The Ultimate Crib Sheet

It sounds fancy.  It sounds expensive.  It's not.  But it IS totally necessary!

This crib sheet simply lays on top of your crib sheet and has snaps that go around the slats of your crib.  If baby spits up during the night or has a major blowout instead of taking all of the sheets and bumpers off your crib all you have to do is unsnap the crib sheet, wash it, and viola.....clean bed.

In preparation for an upcoming trip I told myself that I had to wash our crib sheet.  I must admit that beds are one of my least favorite chores.  I don't know why but I HATE putting the sheets back on the bed.  In fact Peter is the one who makes the bed if it is going to be made.  Otherwise I might not change the sheets for an undisclosed period of time.  In college my Mom used to task my roommates to remind me that it was appropriate to change my sheets.  I'm sure I learned something in school but changing my sheets can't be included.

So yesterday, like the good Mama I am, I took off the UCS and washed it.  The Little Guy and I had to run some errands and we didn't get home until late last night.  Little Guy isn't a "spit up" or "blowout" kind of guy so I wasn't really worried about him sleeping on the regular sheet for one night.

Clearly a mistake.

I knew something was amiss when I walked in this morning and his pants were on the floor.  If I leave him in the crib too long in the mornings after waking he starts throwing things out of the crib.  Usually he throws his  pacifier and then his stuffed animals.  Today it was his pants.

Then I peeked in his crib.  Horror!  Ok actually it wasn't that bad.  But it was bad enough that I had to take off the crib sheet AND the mattress pad.  Are you kidding me?  After I washed and dried both of these it took me over 30 minutes to put this bed back together.  I had to literally take the mattress entirely out of the bed to get the mattress pad back on.  The only thing I could think of was I am SO glad this didn't happen in February or March when I am hugely pregnant.  Otherwise my child might be sleeping in the pack-n-play permanently!

I have totally learned my lesson.  I knew better than to let him sleep on that bed without the UCS.  I swear I will NEVER let him do it again!!!!


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