Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Kelsey's Birth Story--Part 1

Even thought I know each child is different I'm always so surprised at how different each birthday story is.  Kelsey's was an interesting combination of both Stafford's and Reed's.  I'm trying to get this all down before I forget the fun details.

Stafford was born at 38 week and Reed at 39.  My awesome midwife said that your body typically follows a similar pattern for each birth so when week 38 hit I was chomping at the bit for this baby girl to arrive.  This pregnancy has been easier in some ways (WAY less pelvic pain than I had with Reed) but harder in others (ie I was SO HUGE that it was hard to do anything!!!  Peter even had to tie my shoes for me the last month or so.)

My midwife was on vacation during week 38 so she told me to try to hold out until she got back. Haha!  I really wanted her to deliver the baby but not that bad!!  She got her wish though and I went in on April 7 for my 39 week appointment.  She told me she planned to strip my membranes (lovely it if you want details) so I was hoping that would cause something to get going!

I left my appointment and hoped that if she did decide to come she would wait until after the NCAA National Championship Game.  Peter got home from work and I settled in to watch the game while he took the boys for a hike.  Turns out I should've gone hiking.  Not only was the game sloppy the ending was disappointing and I went to bed experiencing the occasional contraction but nothing that seemed like it was very labor inducing.

I woke up around 3 to use the restroom.  That's pretty common at this point so I didn't think much of it.  But right after I went I needed to go again.  When I sat down I felt and heard my water break.  This is the third time that has happened so I was pretty sure I knew what I was experiencing.  I did the little "lay down for a while to test it out" test and felt positive that my water really had broken.  I called the midwife on call and took a shower.  She said that unless I was having contractions I should just labor at home.  I could then make an appointment at the office for the AM to get checked or just come into the hospital by around 10 AM.

We got up in the morning (I never went back to sleep) and took Stafford to school.  Yes we are the crazy couple that takes our kid to preschool on the day we are having a baby.  We left Reed with our neighbor and around 10 we left the house.  After stops at Walmart (to get a new SD card for our camera) and Starbucks (to get a snack for me in case I wasn't permitted to eat once admitted) we headed to the hospital.  They administered a test to see if I had in fact experienced my water breaking and Peter left me there to go pick up Stafford.

The test results came in positive (I knew they would!) and I finally saw my midwife around noon.  She didn't even bother to check my progress, just told me to order lunch and to have Peter came back around 1:45 or 2.  So I'm just hanging out in a room, watching the food channel and eating a salad.  By myself.

Around 1:30 I started noticing the contractions getting stronger and closer together.  So I started calling Peter hoping to rush him a bit.  I don't mind laboring alone but I did NOT want to have the baby by myself!

Stay tuned for the rest of the story....hopefully tomorrow...but definitely eventually!!

My protein box from Starbucks.  I figured I needed to power up for a long day!

This is my labor shirt.  I've worn it to the hospital with all three kids.  I guess when it falls apart or gets so stretched out I can't wear it anymore then we'll be done having kids.  I'll have to post a comparison picture with all three!  


Callie Nicole said...

Can't wait to read the rest of the story!

Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Cannot wait to read the rest of your story!!

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