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Kelsey's Birth Story--Part II

Kelsey's Birth Story

Thankfully Peter was able to get the boys down for a nap and get back to the hospital.  In the last couple of weeks leading up to having the baby I was most worried about the boys.  We had plans for our neighbors to take care of them but I think taking care of two busy boys is a lot to ask of someone for a couple of days.  I was also nervous I would go into labor at a time when they weren't home and we wouldn't be able to get a hold of them.  So I was thrilled that we were able to go to the hospital knowing they were in good hands.

Right before Peter arrived they put me in a hospital gown and started the spot on my hand for the IV.  He arrived around 2pm and the difference in the pain between 1:30 and 2 for me was quite a lot.  I wanted my epidural NOW.  We went to a labor room and already the nurses were starting to get everything ready.  I was getting a little nervous because there was no part of me that was interested in giving birth without something for the pain and did they really think the baby was coming that fast?

The contractions started coming harder and faster at that point.  I remember the nurses telling me that my midwife and the anesthesiologist were in a C-section and as soon as they were done he would come do the epidural.  90 LONG minutes later he finally arrived.  I was actually proud of myself for not going crazy with the pain because I am just not good with pain.  I do remember yelling a couple of times but thankfully I made it through!

It's 3:30 at this point and the midwife has still not checked me.  However I'm feeling much better so I rested for the next hour or so.  I think she went to eat lunch.  At 4:30 she came back and did a cervical check for the first time.  I was 9.5 cm already and she said I had a huge bag of water.  This was interesting since the test earlier in the day indicated my water had already broken.  She broke it and she was right.  There was a LOT of water.  After delivery she showed us the 2 spots on the placenta where the water was broken.  The spot where it popped naturally and the spot that she did.  It was really interesting to see.  At that point she said the water was keeping me from progressing that last 1/2 a cm.  She also said if the water hadn't been there I would have delivered much faster and earlier.  I'm thankful for that huge bag of water!!

After she broke my water I started having more regular contractions.  I think the midwife went to check on another patient and all of the sudden I looked at the nurse feeling kind of panicked.  I remember saying...What do I have to do to keep her in here?  I was ready to push and there was no one there to deliver.  I can't remember if they paged her or called her but she came running in and after about 7-10 minutes of pushing the baby arrived!!

They gave her right to me and it was such a sweet moment.  She was still covered in vernix (she looked like a little ghost!) but I sure didn't care!  We had so many nurses that we were able to get pictures (something I regret with Reed's birth).

We still hadn't decided on a name so after they cleaned her up a little bit and finished sewing me up we chatted briefly about our options and settled on our name.  Peter then left to go get the boys.  It was SO fun to see them and watch them interact with the baby.  They were very interested in the hospital and the view.  Stafford wanted to hold the baby and he asked me, "Mama what's her name?"  When I told him Kelsey Jane he said, "Kelsey Jane.  I like her."  Before they left we had the same interchange.  Apparently Millie was all but forgotten and since then he takes great pride in introducing anyone and everyone to his sister Kelsey Jane.

Peter left to get the boys home and in bed so I had a few hours to cuddle with our sweet girl.  In the hospital she nursed well and slept a LOT.  We were discharged the next day and brought our beautiful girl home!

We are so thankful for her safe and relatively uneventful delivery!!  She is the perfect addition to our family!

In between contractions.  Can't remember if this was before or after the epidural but I'm guessing it was after!

She's here!!

Proud Daddy

Sweet girl.  So alert!!

Our first photo as a family of five!!

Isn't this adorable?  He was so excited to hold her.  He is in LOVE with his sister.

View from our room.

--Our first couple of weeks have been full of surprises and ups and downs.  But God has been so faithful.  From words of encouragement to wonderful lactation advice to meals and people helping to watch the boys I have been so blessed!  Even though we are miles and miles from family you sure wouldn't know it the way people have cared for us.  Thank you especially for your sweet words of encouragement regarding our nursing and eating struggles.  I'l have an update on that soon!!


Sarah @ The Not Quite Military Wife said...

Oh congratulations!! She is so sweet!

Lauren- SAHM I am said...

This is such a precious story! I had quite eventful births with both my children so it is refreshing to see such a wonderful birth story. Congratulations!

Amber said...

I so enjoyed reading the birth story. I am not sure how I missed the eating struggles, but so glad you have found some solid advice from friends and others.

Jenny @ Creatively Blooming said...

Wow - I had never heard of having your water break/be broken twice! I guess you do really learn something new every day! Congratulations! She is beautiful!

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