Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 6-31 Days of Being New-Being Brave

Babies have the right idea. They aren't overly concerned with the thoughts of others. They just want the basics. Eating. Sleeping. Cuddling. Diaper changing. Easy peasy. No drama. 

I could learn a lot from my tiny toe sucker. How often am I way too consumed with how others will perceive me instead of just being me. I edit out parts of my personality in hopes that someone will like me better. I skip a topic or post a certain picture on social media because it will get more likes. More validation. More me. 

I BRAVELY went to MOPS today. It's so unlike me. I had to text a friend beforehand to keep me accountable to going in. I decided I wasn't going to be that awkward shy new girl. I wasn't going to worry if people liked me. I was just going to be me. 

I would love to say that it went well. But honestly it went even better than that. People were so kind. I left thinking.,,what a fun time instead of "should I have said that? Did anyone like me?"

It was unawkward and fun and refreshing. 

I love the theme this year. Be You, Bravely. 

Unapologetically. Authentically. Sometimes ridiculously me. 



Kristi said...

yes to all of your bravery. I love the idea of being you, "Unapologetically. Authentically. Sometimes ridiculously." Amen. :)

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