Thursday, October 2, 2014

Day 2 of 31 Days of Being New--It's Not all About You

One of the biggest things about being the new girl is not having any shared past with the people you are meeting.  Over the years I've become a master at finding bits and pieces of myself that someone can relate to.  Despite my increasing need to have alone time I think of myself as highly relational and I enjoy finding that common ground.  I feel the same way about my readers and my online community as well.

So here is a little back story on though...because I'm committed to SHORT online times this month and that include the time I spend blogging!

Born and raised in the beautiful Bluegrass State

Became a Christian at a young age and truly desired to walk with Christ

Miserable failure at all sports, exceptional pianist and vocalist, aspiring artist & cook

Give me all the books

And the costume jewelry

Lifelong struggle with my weight and self image

Majored in Psychology at Grove City College

Masters at the University of Kentucky in Educational Policy
*making me a legitimate CAT fan!!

Worked for 6 years at the College of Charleston in Charleston, SC

Met & Married the man even GREATER than my dreams in 2007

Mama to three kissable children in 2010, 2012 and 2014

Spontaneous, Inconsistent, Loyal

Home business owner with Rodan + Fields

Military Wife

And WAY too often....

The New Girl.


We moved into our house today.  We are a long way from being moved in but at least our stuff has arrived.  As I was sitting there checking off boxes the Lord spoke to me and just said...

It's just not all about you, Laura.

And not that I necessarily thought that it was.  But I do hate being the new girl.  I am dreading all of the meeting new people and forming new friendships.  I obviously miss my other friends desperately.  
But it's just not all about me.

It's about HIM.  And He has put us here at this time in this place.  And so for that I am grateful and I will praise Him because I know His will is comfortably uncomfortable.


That's all for today!!  I'm please to report that I spent extremely minimal time today online in any capacity because....


I actually had work to do and a plan.  Taking note of this.  I know this doesn't work for everyone but I think I work better and smarter and harder when I have more work to do.

What about you? 


Tiffanie A said...

Love this! .... but you can't have all the books.... lol. You have to leave me some :)

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