Friday, March 20, 2015

Kelsey's 10 Month Update

Kelsey Jane,

As always it is crazy to me that another month has passed.  Every day with you is a joy.  You have to be the sweetest and most even tempered child there ever was.  You are rarely fussy.  You nap easily and you are content to play.  You have especially enjoyed playing downstairs with your brothers.  Sometimes they leave the gate open and out!  You are already an expert at climbing those stairs!

Eating has started to be a chore because you will not stay eating in your high chair!  You are just busy busy all the time.  When you do take time to eat you are still willing to eat most anything. I believe meat and veggies are your favorites (are you sure you are my child??)  You love it when Mama makes soup and gives you all the yummy veggies!

This is your new favorite trick.  You think you are big stuff climbing up in the rocking chair and rocking back and forth.  You've figured out how to get in the chair and back out!

You love when Daddy comes home. As soon as you hear the garage door you go crawling toward the garage to see him.  I love the look on your face when he appears at the door.  Pure adoration.  It's hard not to love your Daddy.

You are wearing size 9 month clothes finally and we've just switched you to size 2 diapers.  I don't think I did a great job of anticipating your size when I bought all those cute pink clothes last year!  We will have to see if you hit a growth spurt!

Another thing you love to do is sit in the bathroom while I get ready.  I love chatting with you and seeing what you are scheming to get into next!

You are into anything and everything you can get your hands on.  Your brothers got an easel for Christmas and you didn't want to be left out!

You are the perfect addition to our family Kelsey Jane.  I love watching you hit these milestones each month but I sure wish the time would go a little slower.  Can't believe you are 10 months already!!

We love you pretty girl!!

Mama & Daddy


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