Tuesday, March 15, 2016

PCS 2014

We are off!  One last picture on Adams Street

We made it to Cannon Beach for our first night

I was so thankful to find our hotel had a tub with nice hot water.  One of the things I did miss while living in WA!

Breakfast on the terrace

Headed out to see Haystack Rock

Gorgeous views along the Oregon Coast

Had to make a stop at the Tillamook Factory

Stafford pointed out the conveyor belt (thanks to hours of watching Mighty Machines!)


Lighthouse on the Oregon Coast

When you have to go you have to go....especially if you are 4

Paul Bunyan & Babe the Ox...finally in California!

Root system of a Redwood

Fulfilling Peter's lifelong dream

Stafford talked for MONTHS about going over the Golden Gate and he slept through most of the crossing!

Had my first In - Out after 3 hours in the urgent care.  Thankful for sweet friends who took care of us while we were in San Francisco 

Exploring Yosemite

Marking Nevada off the list

We played at playgrounds across the country

Enjoyed endless expanses of sky

Entertained ourselves in the car....

And in hotel rooms...

and explored each stop.

When we finally reached Illinois I missed the Illinois sign so I totally made Peter turn around so I could get a picture of it!  He is so good to me and complied!

Our first Illinois sunset

And now Eulers move east is complete!


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