Monday, March 14, 2016

Sept 2014--Tacoma

We made the most of our last few days in Tacoma.  Looking back on these pictures I remember it just like it was yesterday!

Our favorite aquarium display at the zoo.

My sweet boys

Reedster at 2 years 5 months

Stafford at 4

6 years :)

Gorgeous day

One last trip to the fair with our best buds

Reedster's first "roller coaster"

Sharing some corn on the cob

My girl!!!  That was my favorite outfit she had that summer

Never ever ever gets old

One of my favorite pictures of us

And of us!

We ordered nachos and ate them at our favorite spot

Little one decided to hit a big milestone before we left.  Sitting up all by herself!

Tacoma made me fall in love with sunsets

Gorgeous expanse of sky....

The moving truck

We made it through some long hard nights in this chair.  I remember taking this shot and feeling so thankful, so very grateful for my sweet girl.

An empty house....

Dinner with our sweet sweet neighbors Lamar and Sheila.  They were indescribably wonderful to us during our entire time in Tacoma.  They loved and treated us like family and I am forever grateful for them.  Sadly we lost Lamar in June of 2015....I still regret not making it back to WA to say goodbye.

Sunrise over the Sound

One last last trek over the mountain

One last shot of our sweet home. So much laughter and fun contained in those small walls.

Our last night....

Dinner at our favorite spot.....with our dearest friends

They boys jumped in the van and told us they were going to Target

Hitting the road...never imagined how hard it would be to say goodbye.


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