Friday, April 5, 2013

Our Reality

I'm a bit behind on my Insta-posting since I took a blogging hiatus.  It'll take me a couple of weeks to catch up.  Here are some of my favorite captures from the end of March.

This kid.  He is a climbing fool!

We call this second meal.  Second meal is available after every meal :)

He NEVER falls asleep in bed with me.  You better believe I cherished every moment of these sweet cuddles!!

He understand cause & effect!!  He loves putting balls and anything else that will fit down the chute!

Score one for the orange team!

My three guys on the slide

Those grins!  Aren't they handsome?

Little Guy didn't want to nap one day....I found him like this

Check out my new bib!  

Getting creative with climbing and painting.

Some of my very favorite verses.  More on this later this week!


laura bell said...

Love the photo of the painted nails. So cute! Welcome back to blogging! Stopping by from Life Rearranged.

laura @

Anonymous said...

Wonderful memories - Happy Weekend!

Elizabeth Mayberry said...

love second meal! so cute!

Angela King said...

ohmagerd those nails!!!!!!!! hahaha. been there. done that. those snuggles look like they were precious. popping over from instafriday.

Bonnie Way said...

Aw, those are fun pictures! I love it when they insist they don't need a nap and then fall asleep anyway... :)

Brenda said...

I am your newest follower from Super Sunday Sync.

CanVirRies MTC said...

so so cute..and specially the green toes..haha! lovely blog Laura..newest follower from the super Sunday Sync..drop in anytime : )



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