Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WIWW--The "I Love My Hot Rollers" Version

Welcome back to another version of "look at my outfits in horrible lighting". Next week's goal--move the mirror. Geez!

So...after doing this for a few weeks I have realized the following.

1. 90% of my closet is from the Loft
2. I always dress the same
3. I think I might have a "style" and I like it
4. I need a hair makeover

Those may seem like funny things to realize but hey, that's ok!

I've realize I dress predictably. I don't think it's boring because how boring can neon yellow shoes be? However most of my outfits are similar. I need to learn to mix it up a bit.

This week I went out to find clothes for the baby. Instead my Instagram friends helped me pick out these mint-ish green pants. The vote was unanimous so there you have it. The chambray shirt was a no go--too short. But I was proud of myself for stepping out of my t-shirt and cardigan (my daily uniform) rut and trying something different.

Also pictured below...
Navy Striped Sweater--Loft
Red Cords--Loft
Silver shoes--Nine West

Mint Pants--TJ Maxx
Chambray Shirt--TJ Maxx
Awesome Hair Day--my hot rollers

Grey Cardigan, Neon Striped T, Boyfrirnd Jeans--Loft

And the the running shorts. They finally fit again after having baby 2. The big question is should I start using them again?!


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