Thursday, August 13, 2015

April-May 2014

Well I'm back to updating April 2014.  You know....since it's August 2015.  No big deal.

I'm slowly learning that it just doesn't matter.  We stress over so many things in life but we control even less!  Slowing down and not worrying over things is how I want to live.  Spending more time LIVING life and less time recording it seems to be the way to go.  So I'm ok that I'm 16 months late!

Someone who wasn't late?  Baby girl!!  She entered our life on April 8 and life has never been the same!

Ready to go!

Sweet girl from the start

Isn't she just a doll?

First picture of our family of five!

He was in love from the start!

Baby hair

Gorgeous view from our room...gorgeous day to come home

So tiny!  I was so excited to bring her home in her little horse outfit.  We've learned a few things since we stuffed the S-man into this one-piece romper that was impossible to get on!

Still skeptical

She had the BIGGEST hands and feet I've ever seen.  Every single person who saw her commented on it!

Brushing our teeth and starting at sister

Checking out the new stroller

We watched S march in the Daffodil parade a couple of days after we came home

Daddy & S marching in the parade

First bath

Those hands again

The tulip festival

I remember taking this shot.  Tired.  Frustrated.  Worried.  So glad to see we made it through those first tough weeks.

Flowers from Uncle Steven.  Man those brightened what was a dark day!

Might be my favorite picture of them of all time

Reedster's 2nd birthday

Easter 2014....Reed fell into Thomas & Mica's pond!

Going down "our hill"

She cried and cried and finally fell asleep holding Daddy's finger

Look at those skinny legs!  This was a newborn onesie


I LOVE this picture of the three of them.  They look like a funny little gang!


Two tired parents.  Mica insisted we take this to remind us of how we felt at the time.  

These walks along Ruston never get old

Pete was out of town and Brian came to take the boys to the playground.  Community.  It's what absolutely holds military families together.

He learned how to wink!

His hair....those boots!

Ma & Pa came to visit

Mt. Rainier in April

The S-man had a Mother's Day Tea at school

His best bud.  Still prays for her every single night 16 months later.  Adorable.

Date night!

Oh my word.  Isn't she beautiful?

Girl power

Girl's Day Out

Happy 2nd Birthday!

Post Nap Hair

Happy Girl!!

Our landlord's roses.  I looked forward to them blooming each year

Our bedroom window view

This was her normal funny!  She was so serious!

Class fieldtrip day

Canadian Vacation

Butchart Gardens

Victoria, Canada

Had such a great vacation to Victoria, Canada!


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