Friday, August 14, 2015

June 2014

Get ready for an overload of the K-girl.  Apparently all I did was take pictures of her for the entire month of June.  Hmmm...maybe that's why I never lost any baby weight!

I love her in this sweet outfit.  This was from our neighbors Sheila & Lamar.  They were so very dear to us during our time there.  Really treating us like family and taking care of us.  Sadly Lamar passed away this June.

I just love her face here!

In our sweet outfit from Aunt Liz & Aunt KK

This is how I spent most days during naptime.  Don't regret it a bit!

This was the last day of the S-man's preschool class.  His teacher was fabulous.  She wrote a sweet note to each of the children and they came up to sit with her while she read it to them.  I can't wait to show this to him someday when he is old enough to understand.  

Sometimes I would come into the room and he would be holding her like this.  So sweet!

In her elephant pjs.  This is one of my early favorites of her!

Isn't this the cutest?

Why don't they make this in my size?  Rocking her outfit from her Auntie Danielle

Post nap-time cuddles

Conquering the splash park...without getting wet

my FAVorite picture of him!

Hmmm....something seems a little off

My barely 2 year old...such a brave boy!

This was the summer of the black rabbits.  We found them in our yard all the time.  Took weeks to figure out they belonged to our neighbor across the street!

Sweet girl time with friends from all over the world

Full sink...matchbox cars...typical 

Love all of the beauty that surrounds us in Tacoma

Stafford's first girlfriend.  He still talks about her...prays for her every night.  This was her 4th birthday.  All the other kids ate their cake at the table...they ate together in the wagon.  So cute!!

The Reedster rarely I take advantage when I can

I didn't monogram much with the boys so I was thrilled when her Aunt's got her this!

Reedster would often take his blanket and give it to her.  He carried it everywhere...but he was always willing to share.  It's fun to think back on that a year later because he is always SO willing to share anything now.  Food, toys...I love his sweet heart!

See...there he is!  Both boys play lying down on the floor like that.  

Flowers from Sheila's garden.  Aren't they gorgeous?

Date night


Our sweet neighbor "Miss Jeannie"  She would come and take the boys for a walk when K was little.  They of course invited themselves over and she had cookies. To this day they talk about those cookies!

I remember being really tired here...I look tired too!

HAHA!!  He had both legs in one hole

If you give a kid a cupcake...

Those lips!

View from a couple blocks away....

Our deer buddies

Reedster chasing our neighborhood animals


He wanted to nap in his chair

Already playing with her hair

Date day to the Glass Museum

One last Steliacoom Farmers Market

These two....destined to be buds

My first Tacoma friend! Got to take them out to see an airplane before they moved

She looks SO chubby here but she was the tiniest little thing!

Typical day

Saying goodbye to his buddy

Missing their third musketeer

Pizza night!

Wearing her Mama's dress..can't wait to pass this down to one of her babies someday

Shirt by my dear friend Kristin....isn't it adorable!? of my all time the movement in Reedster's hair

So that is June!!!  Only 13 months behind now...haha!


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