Tuesday, August 18, 2015

July 2014

It's tradition to get doughnuts the size of your face before you leave town.  These are from our favorite local spot, Legendary.  And let me tell you...everything they make is.

Headed down to the Portland Zoo.....

And then to Multnomah Falls.  I remember reading about the falls in the Christy Miller books when I was a teen.  So fun to go there in person!

Smiles from this 4th of July beauty!

The next morning Peter ran a marathon and then we headed up to Olympic National Park.  My only caveat for this trip was a great place to watch fireworks and the beach in Port Angeles didn't disappoint.

Hiking out to the northernmost point in the lower 48!

Cape Flattery

The K-girl was thoroughly impressed

One of our favorite spots....Hurricane Ridge

The boys loved all the deer

Beaches in WA are so beautiful!  

We picked up lots of gorgeous pebbles on Rialto Beach

Pathway to the beach...

Peter just HAD to take a dip in the Pacific.  I think this was Ruby Beach

We attempted potty training this month.  The key word was attempted.

Because she spit up SO much we had to do a scan.  This was one of the most painful things I have ever had to watch.  It just makes my heart ache for parents who have children who are ill often or terminally.

Fell asleep holding her Daddy's finger...so sweet this girl and her Daddy together!

Sunset over the Sound

Oh my word...those eyes! 

I remember the S-man teling me I looked beautiful this night.  No idea where I went or what I did.  He said I looked like a ballerina!

The day they filled the pool with water to make a "swimming pool"

Baby grins are the best kind of grins

Love how she sleeps on her side!

The 6 of them....two generations of buddines...LOVE this shot!

Hands up Mama! We're going down our hill!

Her first doll from her great-great Aunt Annette

Highly recommend a ring sling if you haven't used one.  It was a lifesaver when she was small!

Peter insisted on this shot.  He said he had one of all three of them now in his sunglasses.

Love it when he gives me a natural smile.  Future heartbreaker for sure!

They call this "hugging" and they yell out "hug hug hug" the entire time they do it.

Keeping it real.  Low point in parenting my reaction to this....although there are no bananas smashed on the floor so I think it gets worse.

But she makes it all better!

He was looking down at her....look at the pride on his face.  He loves his little sister so much!

One of my favs.  Kindred spirit for sure.  The kind of friend you dream of!

Found him during naptime like this....

This is the outfit we used for our gender reveal...and I waited too long and she never got to wear it!

We have large cracks under our doors.  Took this one evening that he was supposed to be in bed.  He would get up and get into the desk we had in his "room" which was actually a closet.  It was an old Christmas card with Peter and myself.  He stared at it for a long time.  Couldn't really be mad that he was out of bed!

And that's July!  Hope you are enjoying this "year in the life of" in basically a month!  If you are still reading these we seriously should be best friends if we aren't already!


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