Thursday, April 5, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Ah!  We are officially a 1 continent family again and it feels so good!!  We've been enjoying our time together and especially enjoying watching the Little Guy.  He is clearly thrilled that Daddy is home and Mama is happy that he has a new wrestling partner!  Now we are just trying to get last minute things finished in anticipation for Baby 2 (yes, he is still nameless)!

I do have to tell a story about the day we picked up Peter from the airport.  We expected him in around 5:30 pm that evening.  I thought the day would drag but it went very quickly.  By the time I did some last minute cleaning, napping and getting the Little Guy ready it was time to get going.  We had discovered by this time that Peter would have a 3 hour delay (kind of ridiculous that he made it all the way from Africa and then gets stuck in Detroit) so we even had extra time.

I recalled early that morning watching the Little Guy play with my car keys.  So far I've only "lost" my car keys once while Peter was gone and I found them in the toy basket.  I try to be really good about putting them in one place because I am very absent minded and I am always running late.  No time to be searching for car keys.  As we started to load up the car flashbacks from that morning filled my head.  I remembered thinking "you should take those from him because you'll need them later".  But I couldn't remember where in the house this happened, what time or if I ever took them back.  Did I mention they are my ONLY set of keys?

I started frantically looking all over the house and praying.  I thought this would be one of those perfect times for a little miracle because I know they happen.  I prayed and then I looked at the Little Guy and asked him where they keys were.  He very confidently went to the china cabinet (which now stores tupperware since he knows how to open it) and opened the door.  I cheered inwardly just knowing they would be on the shelf.  Alas, no keys.

I did as thorough of a search as I could downstairs and headed upstairs.  I looked everywhere.  We don't have a big house.  And we don't have a lot of nooks and crannies for things to hide.  But I always find stuff in drawers, behind doors, in places I would never guess to look.  I was starting to freak out a little bit.

Little Guy has a little closet under the eaves in his room.  It is perfect for a kid and he loves to get in there and play with his trucks.  I recently moved some of his toys in there to get them out of the way and again I felt confident they keys would be in there.  So I knelt down and crawled in.  I could hear him playing behind me.  Again, no keys.  I prayed again that I would find them.  I turned around and asked again, "Buddy, where are the  keys?"  I looked down and he was holding them.  I swear!  I have no idea where he got them.  And I'm positive he had no idea I was looking for them.  But I guess he had been playing with them upstairs that morning and he left them upstairs.

I found this on Pinterest this week
Def need one of these!!

Clearly I need to make one immediately!

Thankfully the rest of our time picking up Peter was uneventful.  Well, other than the main event!!  Little Guy did great considering it was way past his bedtime.  He was a tiny bit shy at first but on the way home we stopped to Peter could get dinner and while he was in the restaurant Little Guy sat in the backseat asking for Daddy the whole time.  So far he seems to be adjusting well to both Mama and Daddy doing baths, diaper changes, discipline etc without missing a beat!  I am very very thankful!!

Love this shot from our playground visit last weekend...

We are enjoying our downtime, the sunshine (yes the sun has been shining almost every day this week in Western Washington!!) and prepping for this baby.  I've even been cooking so I'll have some new recipes to share in the next couple of weeks!

Thanks to everyone who has prayed for us, called me, sent me a message or a card during this time.  It was a crazy six months but now it seems like a distant memory!


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