Monday, April 23, 2012

Miscellany Monday

1. Expansion

So we've done a little expanding since my last post! I haven't even had time to officially blog about it but baby boy is here!! In determined to sit down today and get it all written down so you'll have to check back for the story!

2. Expansion part 2

Could I be much more excited that some of our best friends from Charleston just moved here? We are already fortunate enough to have 3 other couples that we live close by so getting a 4th is an awesome blessing.

3. Practice doesn't make perfect

I don't care what anyone says...contractions and labor are major work and majorly painful.

4. Gentle

The Little Guy is doing well with adjusting to little brother. He loves to pat him on the head and say...gentle. Precious!!

And now for some photos! I'll post lots more when I post my birth experience.

Have a great Monday!


KERRY said...

Congratulations!! What a precious little bundle you have there :)
I hope you are feeling well.
So exciting!!

Malisa said...

Congratulations on having your new baby! I'm always glad to hear when friends move closer instead of further away! Enjoy the sweet moments you have with your baby.

Krystle said...

Stopping over from Miscellany Monday! Congrats on the new little bundle!

alison said...

congratulations! i figured with the several days of radio silence from your corner of the blog world that baby boy must have made his arrival :) enjoy every second of that sweet little face!

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