Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthday Story

Warning...if you don't want to read about centimeters and effacement you should probably skip this post!

Everyone always wants to know about the birth day story and I wanted to get this written down before it all becomes a blur between midnight feedings and 3 am diaper changes!

I went in on Thursday, April 19th for my 39 week appointment.  The 2 previous weeks I was only 1 cm and wasn't showing any progress towards labor.  I was pretty sure the baby had dropped but I didn't want to get my hopes up.  I suffered from some pretty intense pelvic pain during this pregnancy and although I felt great otherwise physically I was really ready for some relief!

When the midwife checked me she said I was around 3-4 cm and more than 50% effaced.  I tried not to get too excited but I was happy that things were at least moving along!  She said that she thought I'd have the baby by the weekend but I didn't want to believe her.  I left the appointment feeling encouraged.  I already can't remember what we did on Thursday night.  I remember going to bed early because I wasn't feeling great.

I woke up at 1:13 am because of a painful contraction.  I'd had Braxton Hicks for a couple of months but this felt very different.  I didn't really experience contractions with my first pregnancy because I had to be induced and had my epidural before they really set in so I wasn't sure if I'd know when I was having them.  Ha!  I knew!!  I timed them for an hour and although they were short they came every 10 minutes consistently.  At 2:15 I got in the shower.  I figured it would either stop the contractions or make me feel a little better.  Plus I hate dirty hair and I didn't want to have dirty hair when I had a baby.

During the shower the contractions suddenly started coming every 4 minutes and then every 6 minutes.  And boy did they hurt!  Peter came in and I informed him that we needed to get going.  We quickly packed  couple of last minute things, dropped Little Guy off at our friend's house and proceeded to the hospital.  I was very nervous that we wouldn't make it in time for an epidural and I'm pretty sure I said so between each contraction.

Peter dropped me off at the emergency room and I quickly checked in around 3:45.  They wheeled me upstairs and got me settled in a L & D room.  Our nurse was fabulous and she really helped me breath through 90 or so minutes until I got my epidural.

After I had the epidural she did a quick exam and I was 5cm and almost fully effaced.  I do not see how  people give birth without medicine.  I thought I would DIE and I was only halfway there!  Regardless I settled down and they let me labor for a few hours until it was time to push.

Around 6:45 our nurse came in and told us they would be doing a shift change.  She also mentioned that if my water didn't break they would have to do so.  After she left Peter came over to the bed and said he thought we should pray.  Before he could start we heard a loud pop!  The look on his face was priceless.  My water had broken and I swear it sounded like a gun had gone off!!

After my water broke things moved pretty quickly.  The nurse came to check me around 9 and at 9:25 I started to push.  My contractions stopped as soon as I started pushing but I told them I wanted to push anyway and at 9:56 the Littlest Guy was born!!

Reed weighed 8 pounds 13 ounces and was 21 inches long.  He is long and skinny just like his big brother and has a full head of dark hair.  Now that we are looking back at pictures we are having a hard time telling the difference between the two boys!

We were pleased with our hospital although it was a different experience than the hospital in Charleston.  Regardless all of the nurses and staff were very kind and caring.  We brought him home on Saturday the 21st and settled in as a family of four!

We did bring the Little Guy to the hospital to meet his little brother.  He is still only 20 months and although we tried to talk about the baby a lot he still will grab his own tummy and say "baby".  So clearly we are confused!  He didn't take much notice in the hospital but he did appreciate Reed's thoughtful shopping and loved his new fire truck pajamas, Curious George book and matchbox cars.  He has been great at home though and likes to pat the baby's head and say "gentle" while doing so.  He also gets excited if Reed wears something with a truck, monkey or other fun thing that he recognizes.

I told Peter to snap a picture between contractions.  I'm smiling but clearly uncomfortable.  Much different than with Little Guy.

Our two Little Guy's in their "monk monk" pajamas.  Stafford was giving Reed "muahs"  

We are so thankful and blessed to be home and adjusting well.  Thank you for your prayers and we can't wait to share more of our Littlest Guy with you!!


AFG said...

I love the part about "Reed's thoughtful shopping!" and I would love to hear more about his name when you get the chance. He is beautiful!

Crystal Renee said...

Aww Congrats! He is precious!

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