Monday, July 9, 2012

Miscellaneous Fun

It is gorgeous here in the PNW.  We took advantage of the beautiful weekend and spent as much time outside as possible.  We hit the playground, the beach, the sprayground and a local restaurant on the water. I love being able to be outside without sweating, although I did get a little sunburn!

Littlest Guy is shouting out to Heathera in his shark onesie!

I LOVE this picture!  I wish he were in the frame a little better but I just love the action, the water, his little cute!


I mentioned last week that I felt like I can't get on top of my cleaning.  Still there.  But I did go out this week and get some cleaning supplies that I think will help motivate me.  I've also started a box of "things to get rid of" that I hope to start filling up.  I'm WAY better than I used to be but I still do hold on to things longer than I need to.  I try to be good about cleaning out my closet each season and I need to do that in each room of the house.

A few weeks ago I blogged about my obsession with the Little Guy's matchbox cars.  Well come to find out the reason I couldn't find the missing wasn't here!  Little Guy had apparently forgotten it at a friends house.  I can't even explain the weird relief I felt when we got it back.  Since then I've also realized what a bad idea the sand/water table was.  It makes me INSANE if sand gets in the water section.  Maybe I'm more of a rule follower than I thought I was!


A couple of weeks ago we went to the members night at our local zoo.  This was one of THE best investments we've made.  Our zoo is wonderful.  It is right on the water in the middle of a large city park.        
It has everything from tigers to reindeer to tigers.  

My favorite area of the zoo is the Asian area.  I'm sure this isn't unique to our zoo but the animals in this area are rotated.  It is always a surprise to see which animal is in which area.  The cats are always the most elusive.  The leopard is always really hard to spot and the tigers are hit or miss.  Not this night!

This tiger was in a great mood.  He was strutting all over the pen and for some reason at that moment no one else was around.  It isn't a perfect picture but I love this one of the Little Guy and Peter looking at the tiger.  After this the tiger walked over to the glass and started licking the glass (which is what he is doing in the second picture).  It was strange but neat!


I've started planning the Little Guy's SECOND (I can't believe it) birthday party.  I've decided on a barnyard theme because I figure it might be the last year that I get to actually choose a theme.  For the next few years it's probably going to be trucks and super heroes....not cows that say "boooo".  I just realized that I only have a MONTH left to plan and we'll be on vacation for a good part of that month.  I can't wait to share some of my ideas for food, decorations and party fun!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday!!!


Heather said...

Heathera loves little Reed in that fantastic shark onesie!!!! Can't wait to meet him in just a few short weeks!!!!

Natasha Ting said...

i wish to see his face and expression more clearly in photos of him doing cute stuff. that will really inject liveliness to the pictures!

ps. i am in this week's fabulous friday too. this is the link to my friday post if you are wondering :) :

Anonymous said...

great that you had the chance to do all the fun stuff outdoors!!! and a little sunburn means a lot of vitamin D :)

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