Monday, July 16, 2012

MIscellany Monday

1. A New Phase

I think we've officially entered the "my toddler might potentially embarrass me in public stage". It might be a while but my Little Guy is already saying some pretty funny stuff. Tonight I put him to bed and we prayed. Then I told him "Night Night" and started to leave the room. As I'm closing the door I hear "See ya!".

2. All-American

We took to the boys to their first baseball game this weekend! We went with our good friends Brian and Amanda and their boys as well as Brian's family. We had so much fun! The boys chowed down on caramel corn and hot dogs. We survived a little bit of rain and the boys were very well behaved considering it was way past their bedtime! Sadly the game kept going into extra innings so we didn't get to see the fireworks. I'm determined to see fireworks at last once this year!

3. Nestle Toulouse

Did you ever see the episode of Friends where Phoebe and Monica try to figure out the secret recipe to awesome chocolate chip cookies. At the end Phoebe finally remembers the name of the recipe's author....Nestle Tollhouse. Turns out, the recipes on the back are pretty good! I suggest making the ones on the back of the butterscotch chips! My sister in law introduced me to these and they are fabulous. I'll share the recipe later his week!

4. Little Green Monster

The Little Guy has done pretty well adjusting to his new little brother. The only time he seems to be really jealous is when I am feeding him. Today he kept pointing to the carseat and saying "seat" while I was feeding the Littlest Guy. I finally realized that he wanted me to put Reed in the carseat! I was excited that he was communicating things to me but I feel sad that he is jealous!

5. Fashion Forward

We are into all things transportation in our house. Our favorite however is the firetruck. When Peter ran the Tacoma marathon they handed out plastic fire hats at the expo. The Little Guy didn't pay any attention to it until a couple of weeks ago. He now wants ME to wear it everyday. I try to give it back to him and he just says "wear it! wear it!". I guess I'll have to resort to hiding it soon!


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