Monday, July 9, 2012

Project Wins and Project Fails

I've been trying more and more Pinterest projects lately.  Some are great, like the awesome bathtub paint! Others (mostly recipes), eh, not so much.

I know a lot of people pin some of the same things because you see something a friend or acquaintance has pinned and then you pin it!  So I've decided from now on I will blog about my successful AND my unsuccessful pins.  I'd love to hear from you about things you've tried that were great and things that were flops.  I'd also love to try out things you are interested in for you!

So if you'd like me to try something please email me or let me know in a comment.  I'd love to help you!


alison said...

i can't wait to read about your pinterest adventures! i have tried a ton of different things and most of them have worked out pretty well. i haven't done any of the recipes because, well, cooking scares me already and i tend to stick to what i know is edible! i'll have to drum up a few things to send your way since i'm too chicken to try them myself :)

Chicken said...

I actually have a board called Successful pins where I repin all the projects I have tried that worked out! The ones that don't work or recipes that I wasn't that keen on I tend to delete immediately. You can check out my successful pins board if you want to at
I reccomend the lamb biryani and Mango Thai Chicken if you are looking for recipes!

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