Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Still Here...

I've been silent here in my corner of the blogging world for the last week.  We've been traveling, celebrating and of course holding each of our family members a little closer as we process everything that is going on in our world right now.

After a long day of travel we are here on the East Coast soaking up as much sunshine and family time as possible.  I got to spend my birthday here with my family which was just fabulous.  We had our first Christmas celebration this evening and it was filled with laughter and smiles.  I love watching my family together.  I am so blessed to be their daughter, wife, sister and mother.


I finally managed to take a decent picture of the boys for our Christmas card.  My goal is to eventually be able to get a picture of all four of us but I'm taking baby steps!  Here is one of my favorites that I didn't use.


Time with family is precious to me so I won't be posting quite as much in the next week or so.  I do have some super excited news to share regarding our family and I will definitely be posting that in the next few days.

I hope you and your loved ones are enjoying this holiday season!


Anonymous said...

They are so sweet. :) Have a merry Christmas, friend!

Amber said...

enjoy friend!!! we r looking forward to our TN trip this weekend.

Mom In The USA said...

Hi Laura,
The picture turned out great.
Thank you for linking up to the Thumping Thursdays blog hop.


Grey said...

Aren't they so cute?! The kiss on the head melted my heart. I am so happy for you to be spending time with family. Enjoy it all! Merry Christmas!

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