Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Catch-Up & Sponsor Spotlight

I'm playing catch-up today.  Like 5 weeks of catch-up it seems.  I'm exaggerating but still I feel like I am so behind!  I'm not sure if it's the weather or what but I can not seem to get anything done.  I woke up today determined to accomplish something....anything!!

So far I've been pretty successful!  I cleaned both bedrooms and unpacked our new fan.  It's fabulously loud.  I made 2 batches of baby food and started on dinner for tonight and tomorrow.  Laundry load number 3 is in the washer.  The Little Guy and I did a little craft and now I'm finally finishing our Christmas card and catching up on about 2 weeks worth of email!

One of the things I put off that I shouldn't have put off was introducing you to my sponsor for the month of November.  As in last month.  Yeah.  Super embarrassing!

But!  Better late than never right?  So without further delay let me introduce Sara, known in the bloggy world as the Rockin' Oily Mama.  Sara is a busy essential oil using mom/stepmom of five girls!  (Lucky!!!)  Sara blogs about mommy moments, faith, family, health and occasional giveaways.

Why the Rockin' Oily Mama?

Because she and her youngest use the Young Living Essential Oils and are enjoying better health as a result!

Sara has all kinds of fun stuff going on at her blog right now!  A new linkup, a giveaway AND you can check out her essential oils business!

Thanks so much Sara for being patient with me and for sponsoring me for November!!

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LOL. No one EVER says lucky when hearing my kid (and gender) count! Still praying for a boy someday!

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