Sunday, December 8, 2013

Christmas Pictures

Both of my kiddos were super cute picture takers from the get-go.  And then Stafford hit 1.  Since then it is VERY hit or miss to try to get him to smile, look at the camera...etc etc etc.  Add in little brother and any type of photo shoot becomes quite comedic.  I tend to like traditional shots...faces...smiles...and I am finding that those are just going to be few and far between from now on.  Regardless I sat the boys in front of the tree today and tried to get a couple of pictures in their matching outfits.

This series was quite amazing.  Stafford's "cheese face" has reached new heights.  This was the best we could do with both "smiling" and looking at the camera.

Reed had moved on to the train table by this point but I convinced this guy to try to take a picture with Mama.  So glad I did.  He even has a semi-normal smile.

Ok so it's not a smile from the Reedster...but he is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

And another non-smiler here.  But the best we could do.  He is starting to look so old to me.  Can't believe both of these guys will be big brothers in just a few months!

They were both excited about their reindeer shirts.  I try not to dress them alike too often but for special occasions I think it is fun.  Plus I got great deals on these last year :)


Leslie Germain said...

Adorable. Great picture of you and your little man!

Callie Nicole said...

I love their matching outfits! They are so cute!

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