Tuesday, December 3, 2013

End of October

This one bloom in my hydrangea stayed perfect until the end of November. 

Stafford wants to make banana bread with me as often as possible. The first time we made it he told me he needed a chefs hat. The next day I found this little set. Isn't it precious?

Waiting for Mimi & Grandad to arrive!!

Proof that my husband and father in law love me dearly. This new fixture has made winter bearable for me this year. So very thankful!!

Couldn't find a prettier hat maze!

This was the coolest slide. All three boys loved it!!

Hanging out with Grandad

Stafford was so excited to find "baboo" at the zoo. He wanted to know where the pandas were. 

He walked down the while flight if stairs holding my hand. So big!!

Watching the seals with Mimi

The walrus is his favorite

We had a crazy week or two of fog. You couldn't see anything driving and it was foggy all day long. 

The haul from salmon fishing!

Getting more adept at the playground equipment

This is one of my favorite pictures of him ever

He told me Reed has a booboo

Every season is beautiful here

Date night at Maxwells. Fabulous!!

This is our favorite date dish. $10 and we both leave stuffed!

I want to dress him up in animal costumes everyday

These two. I pray they will grow up the best of friends

Aren't they cute reading in their t-shirts!

Reed made a little announcement this month!

S didn't want to touch the seeds but true to form Reed went right for it!


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