Friday, December 13, 2013


Healthy 18 month checkup!

Outtake from one of our many attempts at getting a good picture of the two boys

Love that sweet smile

And that one!

This is one of my favorites. Wish it weren't a tad blurry

Our almost daily visitors

Not shy at all!

Wish I had this moment on video. He was hysterical putting this hat on over and over. 

One last park night on Veterans Day 

Thankful for the entertainment Tacoma's many Filmores provide. 

Love watching him be a Daddy. 

Beep beep!!

Reedster is my one sock wonder

Playing the "how much do you love me" game before bed

Shaving cream is sometimes a lifesaver

He loves to say

Caught in the act

Having some major crackers & Swiss cravings!

Stafford jumped up on the table upon our arrival at the chiropractor and told him he was sick because he fell off of his bike

His fire truck. Purchased with money in his "savings and spending" envelopes. So proud of our little guy!

Pictures of our healthy baby!

Helping Daddy celebrate his birthday. Isn't matchbox cars what every Daddy wants?

A successful Charlotte Russe!!

Getting our tree

Eating leftover thanksgiving peas. This picture will get its own post soon!

And there is November!


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