Wednesday, December 4, 2013


Sadly Peter had to work on Halloween. Our neighborhood has a fabulous event where al of the businesses close early and they close the streets for trick or treating. It's light, warmer and safe!

Stafford and one of his gal pals!

My munchkins. Photo courtesy if my dear friend Mica who came with us! I couldn't have done it without her!!!

My favorite part of the night was when this pirate gave Stafford two necklaces. He immediately turned around and have me one and said...this one is for you Mama!  It has a special place in my jewelry box now. 

My beautiful necklace

I went to answer the door to pass out candy and came back to an empty glass and this guy chowing down on my dinner!!

Chili is apparently good to eat and wear!


Best quote of the night belongs to Stafford at the first stop. When the store owner gave him candy he looked at me and asked...What is this??

After hearing that it was chocolate he looked at the man and said with stars in his eyes...

Is THIS a chocolate factory!?!?!

It was awesome!


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